Youth with varying disabilities between the ages of 14-21.  


Summer workplace readiness training program.  Youth will learn a variety of skills that will prepare them for a successful work experience in the community.  Topics include:  social skills, dress to impress, self-advocacy, ethics, punctuality, workplace safety, customer service, mock interviewing, job exploration, resume development, benefits, financial literacy, and referrals to other transition supports and services.  


Arc Broward Sunrise Campus
10250 NW 53rd Street, Sunrise, FL 33351


July 11-22 Monday-Friday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Total camp hours: 20 hours
$50 gift card stipend for completion of 20 hours


We are currently accepting referrals from Vocational Rehabilitation 

For more information please contact: Liliana 
Ballesteros at lballesteros@arcbroward.com or 

To apply online, fill out the form below. To download the application, click here. 

Youth Career Camp Online Application
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Applications are due June 30, 2022
I. Participant Information
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II. Medical Assessment
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III. Behavioral/Adaptive Skills Assessment
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Specify frequency, duration, example of specific behaviors, and possible triggers and/or circumstances under which behaviors occurs
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Specify frequency, duration, example of specific behaviors, and possible triggers and/or circumstances under which behavior occurs
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Specify types i.e. not following directions, etc. specify frequency and circumstances under which behavior occurs.
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Please estimate applicant’s ability level in each daily living area, check appropriate number and explain your answer. 1= Can complete task independently with no assistance. 2= Can perform this task with some limited support. (please explain) 3= Can only partially perform this task and/or needs much assistance. (please explain) 4= Cannot perform this task at the present time.
*1. Applicant’s ability to toilet self and maintain toileting hygiene::
*2. Applicant’s ability to move from one area to another with or without assistive devices::
*3. Applicant’s ability to eat; including feeding self, chewing, swallowing, cutting, using spoon, etc.:
*4. Applicant’s ability to self-administer medication::
IV. Educational History
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V. Employment History
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Earnings per hour
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VI. Demographics
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VII. Additional Information
*Please note: The following documents must be attached to or submitted with this application in order for the program staff to make an acceptance decision.
If you have any questions or comments regarding this application or need assistance with this application please contact the Program Manager at (954) 746-9400


Gore Family Memorial Foundation
Address: 10250 NW 53rd Street Sunrise, Florida 33351 Phone: (954) 746-9400