Frequently Asked Questions

How does Arc Works find the right employee for my business? 

The Arc Works staff sources and pre-screens candidates from our large talent pool that is built on referrals from multiple organizations. It is our priority to identify candidates that are an excellent fit for your company’s needs and employee culture. If there is not an immediate fit, Arc Works will source for the position through our vast network and find the right candidate. Arc Works also works you’re your company to determine the timeline of your company’s needs in order to fill the positions. 

What type of support will be provided by the Arc Works Team for businesses and employees hired through this program? 

Arc Works will assign an Employment Specialist to provide support during the whole process. This support includes but is not limited to:

  • On going consultation from our employment specialist 
  • Retraining opportunity from our employment specialist, if needed
  • Providing initial on the job training with phase out when employee is fully trained to the employers satisfaction
  • Corporate training given by disability professionals to show other employees how to work with someone who has a disability
  • Establishment of workplace support networks and coordination with the individuals the employee will interact with most

What makes Arc Works different from other job placement programs? 

Arc Works maintains a capable and reliable talent pool to provide employment solutions for our business partners, while focusing on finding careers not just jobs for our clients. We offer our services at no cost to the employer, and works with you to assess your company’s employment needs. Our employment specialists are always available to support you through the hiring, training and employment process. 


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